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Meet Dr. Trimboli

Vincent A. Trimboli Jr. DDS

My Passion and Understanding

My passion is to provide the best possible treatment for every child I see. Anything less is not an option to me. I strive for perfection in my work, and over the past 25 years being involved in professional dentistry, I have picked up a great many tools to achieve this. I enjoy my time at the office every day because it means the possibility to exceed expectations.

It has been a long road, but how can I offer any less when I have benefited from phenomenal care myself? I grew up loving hockey. When I was but a child, my older brother checked me so hard he fractured some of my teeth in a match I shall never forget. After many, many visits to the local pediatric dentist, I was left with a brilliant smile that denied the incident ever existed. Still, the imprint it left on me was an unwavering interest in pediatric dentistry. I want to give back to people in a similar way.

I also love working with children and their parents. Being a first-generation Italian-American means I know what it's like to enter a new place full of anxiety and stress. I truly value all the people in my life who comforted me until I was strong and knowledgeable enough to strike out on my own in a strange new world. So, I look forward to each patient's visit with the goal of passing to them what was so graciously given to me. Work is never “just another day at the office,” because it is always so full of opportunities to connect with others and provide them with the quality care that I would want personally.

Education and Continuing Education

I received my undergraduate degree from the American International College and then went to both the Indiana University School of Dentistry and the University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine for my formal training in the field. I was a clinical instructor at the University of Connecticut and enjoyed teaching there part-time for 20 years. I also enjoyed staff privileges at several local hospitals.

Obviously, continuing education is very important to me. It allows me to offer the very best and also to help the next crop of dentists to be prepared to offer the high-quality care that I demand in my own practice. I am involved with numerous organizations that offer courses and conferences including:

  • American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry
  • Journal of Continuing Education
  • Yankee Dental Congress
  • Massachusetts Dental Association

Outside the Office

I am surrounded by a vast network of friends and family. This includes my wife Debra and son Vincent. I love photography and collecting guitars.


american dental association
American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry

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